2019 Big Green Egg Pricing

2019 Big Green Egg Prices

Combining primitive magic with fine craftsmanship and versatility, the much loved, Big Green Egg’s popularity continues to grow.  This multipurpose roaster/grill/smoker/baker can perform any cooking task expertly as it has the ability to maintain low temperatures as well as produce high temperatures of up to 600 degrees or more, thanks to the genius design of its ceramic shell, which produces concentrated heat.  The streamlined 2018 product line offers eight sizes to choose from. See below for 2018 Big Green Egg prices. You can purchase these legendary kamado-style grills through an authorized dealer only, although individual packages and prices may vary and all dealers may not carry every size option. We do not recommend purchasing a Big Green Egg from an unauthorized dealer, as the manufacturer will not honor warranty claims on such purchases. Before shopping around, it’s essential to know what the manufacturer’s suggested retail Big Green Egg prices are for each 2018 Big green Egg model.

Each grill model is available with a Big Green Egg Nest that lifts the grill to a comfortable cooking height, and it sits on casters that lock. A cast iron top vent and ceramic vent lid come standard.

Big Green Egg 2XL: Suggested MRP: $1,999.00 This model will be introduced in May 2018 in a limited distribution that will eventually replace the XXL model above. Touting the same 29-inch diameter, this model weighs 375 pounds, and can also accommodate a whole suckling pig, three-dozen burgers, 18-20 steaks, or even 20 delectable racks of ribs vertically.

Big Green Egg XLarge: Suggest MRP: $1,239.00 Roast two turkeys at once with this generous 24-inch diameter space, or two-dozen burgers, a dozen steaks or racks of ribs on this 219-pound, large family cookout pleaser.

Big Green Egg Large: Many people ask “How much is a Large Big Green Egg” Suggested MRP: $875.00 This is definitely the most popular model offering an 18-¼ inch grill diameter, which is perfect for most family and backyard barbecuing needs. This model weighs 162 pounds and can grill 20-pound turkeys, a dozen burgers, 6 chickens or 7 racks of ribs vertically, or 8 large steaks to perfection. This model also accommodates all EGGcessories made for baking, roasting, or smoking, making it the king of versatility. The Large Big Green Egg is the perfect size for making pizza’s!

Big Green Egg Medium: Suggested MRP: $685.00 Perfect for smaller families and couples, this 114-pound model provides a spacious, 15-inch cooking diameter and can accommodate an 18-pound turkey, 3 chickens or 4 racks of ribs vertically.  This model is still large enough to work with popular EGGcessories like the convEGGtor and the Pizza & Baking stone.

Big Green Egg Small: Suggested MRP: $565.00 If your space is limited to a patio or balcony, this is the model for you. All the versatility and functionality in a smaller package are offered here. Enjoy a 13-inch grill diameter, which is large enough to grill a whole chicken, two steaks, four burgers, or a vertical rack of ribs at one time. This model weighs in at a manageable 80 pounds.

Big Green Egg MiniMax: Suggested MRP: $598.00. Great for camping or tailgating, this more portable model weighs 76 pounds and is 19.6 inches high. It comes with an easy to grip carrier and can offer the same cooking accommodations as the small Big Green Egg.

Big Green Egg Mini: Suggested MRP: $410.00. The mini is also perfect for an apartment balcony or patio spaces, and portable enough for tailgating or camping. At a very convenient 39 pounds, it is much easier to transport. The 10-inch grill diameter offers ideal space for grilling a steak or two chicken breasts.

Now you are armed with the knowledge you need to start comparison-shopping against other brands of kamado style grills vs. The Big Green Egg. You will find that the Big Green Egg rates better against its competition, and still ranks as the best kamado grill on the market. The Big Green Egg is NOT sold online, visit us at our showroom or one of our upcoming Big Green Egg cooking events at our brand new 10,000 sq. ft. Outdoor Design Showroom in Dania Beach, Florida. Contact us below for the best 2019 Big Green Egg Prices.

For more detail and pictures of each Big Green Egg model visit us here: U.S. Brick Big Green Egg Models