Factors To Consider When Designing An Outdoor Kitchen Layout

If you’re thinking of constructing an outdoor kitchen at your Fort Lauderdale home, remember that the possibilities are nearly limitless. Don’t feel confined by any notion of what an outdoor kitchen “should” look like; the only thing that matters is that your kitchen suits your personal needs. Here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re planning out your new outdoor kitchen:

How often will you be entertaining?

The first decision to make is how much space your outdoor kitchen will take up. If you’re planning on frequently inviting other people to enjoy your outdoor kitchen, you should design the layout accordingly, with plenty of space to make the food and for your guests to relax. If you think that your outdoor kitchen will primarily be for yourself and your family, you can make it as expansive or as cozy as you like.

What do you like to cook?

While your outdoor kitchen should be diverse enough to allow you to make anything you want, there are certain decisions you’ll need to make at the outset. If you want to install a pizza oven or a high-powered grill, you may want to make that the focal point of your outdoor kitchen. If you like making drinks, you’ll probably want to add a bar area. Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of room to store food so you won’t have to make endless trips from your indoor kitchen.

How will you keep your outdoor kitchen comfortable?

When you’re outside, you can’t just turn up the thermostat to stay comfortable; you need to plan in advance how you’re going to keep warm. Fireplaces are an elegant and aesthetically pleasing way to keep your outdoor living space warm, and artisan fire bowls provide a cozy space for your guests to gather around. Whatever you settle on, it’s important to make this decision before you begin work on your new outdoor kitchen.