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Fairway Commons

Project Size: 111,000 Square Feet

Roadway Pavers: 2 piece Appliance Stone in Random T Pattern with 4x8 charcoal border. White reflective pavers to cut in stop bars, arrows, lane stripping and yellow reflective pavers to cut in double yellow lines to separate in and out lanes. Crosswalks: 4x8 white and charcoal pavers with alternating stripe patterns to accent crosswalk areas and 4x8 charcoal truncated dome pavers for ADA ramp transitions. Pedestrian Walkways: 4x8 pavers with 50% each blend of Pewter and Granite, which is a 2 color blend of white and charcoal with Charcoal stripping bands alternating in a consistent repeating pattern every 40' in length. Accent Areas on Walkways at designated storefront locations: 8x8 Camel Shellstone field with 4x8 shell stone borders.