Fort Lauderdale Cleaning And Sealing Benefits

Maintenance for Your Pavers

Cleaning and sealing your pavers can preserve the look and feel of your surfaces. The lifespan of our products depends on a variety of factors, such as how many coats of sealers are applied and what techniques were originally used. Improper applications can result in white or chalky appearances and may require additional services to repair.

Fort Lauderdale Cleaning And Sealing

Our professional Cleaning and Sealing Department provide the following service benefits:

  • This process will enhance and draw out the natural color of your manufactured or natural stone pavers.
  • Re-sanding can help with weed control and appearance.
  • Sandblasting can treat excessive stains, poor sealing, etc.

Various Sealers to Fit Your Needs

We can create a test area to ensure which products are most compatible with the products that have been previously applied to your surface. The amount of product needed can vary based on whether your surface type (i.e. manufactured stone or natural stone) or other affected factors, such as porosity or application methods.

We offer a variety of sealers, including:

  • Film Forming Sealers (Cobble Loc and Cobble Coat products)
    • Similar to glass over a table, the sealer sits on top of the brick or stone.
    • Sometimes can become slippery because it creates a barrier on top of the surface but with the use Cobble Coat, a non-skid additive, it can help to create a beach sand effect.
    • The product is clear; however, it may be visible when viewed at certain angles.
  • Penetrating Sealers (Cobble Enhancer and Cobble Impregnator products)
    • Beneficial to use on very dense stones
    • Breathable products which prevent issues with sand caused from moisture that cannot escape.
    • The sealers prevent moisture from causing the sealer to turn white.

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