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Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach County Clay Brick Pavers

Add a Timeless Design to Your Residential or Commercial Property

At U.S. Brick & Block, we offer clay brick pavers in a variety of styles to fit your needs. Many designers and architects prefer this product offering to other options because of their durability and aesthetic appeal. Our clay pavers can be used for driveways, patios, and entranceways.

Clay Pavers Fort Lauderdale

We offer the following types of clay pavers:

  • Old Barcelona: Our Old Barcelona tumbled clay pavers create an aged look in a variety of colors. The materials are designed for driveway as well as roadway applications. We can create unique designs with consistent dimensions, and permanent color features that last a lifetime. The durable product provides natural beauty with an authentic earth tone.
  • Old Chicago: The Old Chicago pavers provide the used brick look that cannot be duplicated by new materials. Each and every brick contributes to the overall look of the finished project. The unique blend of used bricks can create a durable structure or pathway that cannot be replicated.
  • Boral Clay Pavers: These clay pavers are made from earth materials and are unparalleled in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal. The permanent color come in a variety of options that never fade. No matter what the weather conditions may be, the UV exposure will never change discolor these clay pavers.

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